Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Play me a new song

A few songs ive been enjoying lately

Magic show-Electric owls
Telepathe-So Fine
Yael Naim - Far far
M.I.A. - Shells
Fatboy Slim - Praise You
Thieves Like Us - Drugs In My Body
Moby - We Are All Made Of Stars
Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent

Sunday, December 27, 2009


So, the XX is definitely more on the calm side, but they're still pretty fantastic. The echo in their instruments totally makes the song. I don't even know how to describe it, but I love it.
Try out Islands and Crystalised, 'cause they're awesome. :D

Saturday, December 26, 2009

.. Don't question, just listen.
Holy hell, two awesome bands in one! :D


So, I kinda sorta love this band. I haven't EVER heard a bad song by them.
And OF COURSE, they're Canadian, so I mean, what could go wrong? Canada is obviously the best for indie bands. :D
Take Me To The Riot(
Your Ex-Lover is Dead(
Elevator Love Letter( OR ; )

(PS: Totally takin' this place over.)

Gotta love daft punk

Check out the song Da Funk - daft punk (chemical brothers remix)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Most epic remix ive heard in a LONG time.

GO TO THIS LINK, and listen to it all. yes its britney spears. but whoever made this megamix made it more epic then anything ive ever heard.

Current Favorate song

Mai - Snowing downtown Y

Top 10 party songs

10. California love - 2pac
9. Bring the noise - Benny Benassi
8. 3 - Britney spears
7. Im in miami bitch - lmfao ( Adam day remix )
6. Tik tok - Ke$ha
5. Sexy bitch - David guetta
4. I dont wanna be - LMFAO
3. Love lockdown - LMFAO remix
2. Shots -LMFAO
#1. Pro nails - Rusko

Top ten calm indie songs.

10. Big sur - the thrills
9. Lack of color - death cab for cutie
8. Hide and seek - imogen heap
7. Hallehlujah - imogen heap
6. Body of years - Mother mother
5. Hello sunshine - Super furry animals
4. Crystalized - the xx
3. the ends not near - band of horses
2. Into dust - mazzy star
#1. west coast - coconut records.

Imogen Heap

Imogen heap has more calm songs
and i love them all,
i like "hide and seek"
witch is the original version of "whatcha say"
a newly popular song,
and "hallelujah" the song that played
during melissas death on the OC
i also like "headlock" and "speeding cars"

Ghostland Observatory

i LOVE ghostland observatory
i LOVE all of their songs
but the one i LOVE the most is sad sad city
youtube them RIGHT now.

Of montreal

Again, i have never head a song i dont like by them,
but my ABSOLUTE favorate is "id engager"
its also gotta be one of my favorate songs,
i havent heard it in a long time, but it hasnt lost its epic at all

MWY (mewithoutyou)

i LOVE the song "sweater poorly knit" by MWY
but i havent heard a song i dont like by them
they have a really unique indie sound that i adore,

The White Stripes

You should know by know the white stripes dont have a single bad song,
they are one of those bands that actually have talent
i have NEVER heard a song i didnt like by them
jack white is really hot too, so thats a plus.
i dont even want to explain them to you
because you should discover for yourself their epicness.
if you need a head start listen to "walking with a ghost"
"blue orchid" or "the hardest button to button"
if you dont like a single one of those songs,
then your lame. and probly like CMTV and shouldnt be here.

Explosions in the sky

Explosions in the sky is a pretty mellow band,
with really good songs,
favorate: Look into the air
beautiful guitar line and emotion


they are a belief system. and if you were to google "triangle"
you would probly find yacht.
i like most yacht songs, havent heard one i dont like,
favorates would have to be:
"Bunnys & ducks boathouse"
"drawing in the dark"
and "phychic city"
i love YACHT and the triangle.
you can read in my other blog all about the triangle

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool?

The song "dance the way i feel"
is a great party song by ou est le swimming pool
dont be fooled by the name.
its not a french band,
but their epicness seems to be at partys all over the place

Kid Cudi ft MGMT

MGMT is a great band, and mixed with kid cudi
"the persuit of happiness" is an amazing song,
you HAVE to hear this song, i LOVE it.
it would deffinatly be in my top 10 favorate songs

009 Sound System

Anouther trance band thats epic.
their best song is deamscape by far.
dont do drugs. but if u do. listen to this song ;)

Lissy Trullie

Lissy trullie isnt a trance person at all,
her music is really indie and neatly put together
you'll probly only find 2 of her songs easily
"boy boy" and "self taught learner"
both of witch great songs,
she has a great voise and great music


If you know who deadmau5 is, youve heard the song "Ghosts n stuff"
this is one of those trance party songs that are just pure awesome.
all of deadmau5's songs are pretty wicked
but ghosts n stuff is the best known by them
the lyricless beat isnt like a lot of trance songs that get boring after 9 minutes of nothing
deadmau5 has some really cool changes in the songs composition.


In my oppinion Rusko is probly THE most EPIC band for dubstep.
favorate song: pro nails (remix)
This is a great song to play at a party,
ive heard it at more then one party and everytime i do i get stoked
Hammertime by Rusko is also a good song
both have incredable beats and bass lines
you cant have a party without rusko


Ive yet to hear a song from this band that i dont like,
my personal faves by them would have to be "lex" and "loud pipes"
i love they way they put their music together.